Bishops Castle Storytelling Series

The fifth year of B.L.A.S.T! is on its way.

Series 5 will bring another fantastic array of storytelling styles with traditional and original tales from amazing Storytellers.

Nothing else can bring the tales to life as wonderfully as when a story is told person to person... Come along and enjoy the experience.

Throughout history storytelling has been and still is an essential part of the everyday lives of people. From early man to modern day, the art of the Storyteller takes you to other worlds and then brings you back again by their craft.

Nothing carries your imagination, bringing these worlds to life, like listening to the spoken word of the Storyteller’s tale.

The connection between the Teller, the Listener and Story that is told is an experience that can only be discovered through live performance. This unique and magical interaction touches you, leaving you in wonder; thoughtful and entertained.

The storytelling tradition has its roots within every culture, all over the world. From stories steeped in ancient tradition to folktales and landscape creation myths.

Here at B.L.A.S.T! along with stories from the British Isles and the more local to Bishops Castle and Shropshire, we have had Storytellers sharing tales from Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria and tales from the Jewish tradition among other cultures. In a multicultural world we all share a love of story and its telling.

In the last four years we have had great nights with great Storytellers.

and now...

Performance storytelling for adults

Catch your breath in wonder
Clutch your sides in laughter
Go home looking over your shoulder
Artwork ©Lynn Rust commissioned for BLAST!