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Storytelling at Bishops Castle, Shropshire

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Bishops Castle Storytelling Series

The sixth year of B.L.A.S.T! is under way.

This series, Amy and Suzanne, will bring together another fantastic array of storytelling styles with traditional and original tales from amazing Storytellers.

Nothing else can bring the tales to life as wonderfully as when a story is told person to person... Oh. Covid.

Unfortunately, the events will not take place at the town hall as yet, but the good news is they shall continue as an online event using zoom. This also means that we are able to have storytellers from across the globe, joining us to tell their tales at BLAST!

We're also making a space for NEW VOICES to the storytelling scene.

Details of B.L.A.S.T storytelling events are also available at

Artwork ©Lynn Rust commissioned for BLAST!

Performance storytelling for adults

Catch your breath in wonder
Clutch your sides in laughter
Go home looking over your shoulder

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